I made the decision to come see a chiropractor while I was laying down on my floor one day suffering from my constant back pain! I tried everything on my own I could think of to alleviate the pain I was having in my upper back. Yoga, stretching, exercises, tiger balm, heating pads, ibuprofen etc. brought some momentary temporary relief, but it would always come back. I had been going through this cycle of pain and trying various home remedies to no avail for about 9 years. The amount of time I was losing in a day to managing chronic pain was getting out of hand and I realized I could not fix this with home remedies, and that I needed to come in and see someone.

When I first saw my initial x-rays, I thought “There is no way my spine looks like that, how is that possible?”- I was in denial! It had been suggested to me a few times that I had scoliosis, but I didn’t believe it because I never had someone take the time to sit down with me and show me how my spine looked. Once I was educated on how scoliosis and subluxations from the dreaded tech slouch that affected my alignment, it made complete sense why I was feeling so much discomfort. I committed to the recommended course of treatment and followed instructions to do my home stretches and exercises at least 2-3 times per day. The results have been huge. I never thought this discomfort would leave, I just assumed it was a lifelong uphill battle for me. When it started to subside as I gained more strength and mobility in my upper back/neck, it was a difference of night and day. It turns out that being in chronic pain is not normal!

I was probably losing at least 20-60 minutes a day total to stretching or foam rolling before treatment. Only to have the pain return moments later. Now, when I stretch or foam roll, I can feel that it actually helps and has a lasting relief now that my alignment has improved. In addition to all that lost time, I was unfocused and distracted a lot from the pain. It was such a drain on my time and energy dealing with my back, and it was so frustrating that it left me in tears sometimes. Going through chiropractic treatment has helped immensely to allow me to feel like myself again. I couldn’t recommend chiropractic more to someone who experiences similar symptoms. I would encourage anyone with back pain of any kind, even just mild discomfort, to see a chiropractor. I’m glad that I came in for chiropractic treatment when I did. If I had let it go for a few more years, I may not have been able to get these positive results. It has been an investment in myself.

I continue to do my home stretches and exercises and I sit on an exercise ball at work. I make it a high priority to stretch, take regular breaks from sitting, and care for my spine, as well as come back for adjustments. All these things are working for me, and I want to keep up the newfound freedom of not being in pain. I only get to have one spine to last all my life, I will make sure I take care of it.

Marie C.
November 2021

Initially, I came to see a chiropractor because two of my sisters recently started going and said it had helped them immensely. The highlight of my experience these last few months at Knecht Chiropractic, has been how noticeably the discomfort in my lower back has decreased. The pain has decreased the most while I sleep which, in turn, has improved my night’s rest.

Through my tri-weekly adjustments and physical therapy, I have discovered that I have pretty stellar balance, oddly enough. I can even balance with my eyes closed, which is something I never thought I would ever be able to master.

All I can say to someone who is experiencing back pain is this: If you have the means and time to take care of your back now, do it. Don’t wait. I always feel better after I leave the office. With that being said, I happily see myself being a long-term patient!

Andy S.
October 2021

I work as a flight attendant, which takes a beating on my body. Over the past couple of years I’ve been dealing with severe neck and shoulder pain due to what ended up being a herniated disc. Back in April, I woke up and suddenly couldn’t move my upper body without extreme pain and tightness. I had just moved to Lakeview and was lucky enough to find Knecht Chiropractic was just a 5-minute walk away and had immediate availability.
From the start, everyone at the facility took care of me thoroughly. The first person I spoke with was Brandi who helped me with paperwork and arranging my schedule. I then met with Dr. Brittni who took my x-rays and gave me an adjustment. Later that day, I met with Dr. Knecht who went through a detailed description of what was going and how we were going to correct everything with a 12-week plan, including adjustments and physical therapy. I already started feeling relief that first day. During my time with the doctors and Donna, I received thorough adjustments and exercises to strengthen my neck and get it back to normal as much as possible.
I’ve learned with my body it’s really the little things that matter that can make a huge impact whether it be the way I sleep, how I old up a book or phone, how I close an overhead bin and push a beverage cart at work, or the way I distribute my weight when I stand or even when sitting. From the treatment I’ve received I’ve learned to be more conscious of how I carry my body, and I now have little to no pain and full range of motion in my neck.
If someone else were in my shoes, I’d tell them to see a chiropractor as soon as possible. And even if they weren’t, I’d tell everyone to see a chiropractor regularly. I feel that regardless of your profession or daily life, adjustments 1-2 times a month are fully necessary to maintain a healthy and strong alignment. Between my personal life and my job, I plan on continuing my spinal care, and as long as I’m in Chicago, I’ll continue to go to Knecht Chiropractic. Everyone has been so kind and welcoming, and it was a pleasure having them as part of my daily routine. Thank you so much, team!

Kaylee B.
September 2021

In December 2020, after carrying up 15 tubs of Christmas decorations, I threw my back out and couldn’t get off the couch. While this isn’t the first time it has happened (every year around Christmas decorating!), it was more intense than before. My friend was in town visiting and suggested I try out a chiropractor.

Dr. K took X-rays and what I saw was shocking. I was put on a 3-month action plan – 3 days a week of adjustments, physical therapy and a massage (my favorite!). I learned from day one that I have been doing everything wrong – sleeping on my stomach, slouching in an office chair, lifting with my back… you name it, I did it.

I did everything I was told by the staff at Knecht Chiropractic, and I noticed a difference within days! I sit on an exercise ball, do my morning stretches, and much to my surprise sleeping on my back is now my favorite and most comfortable sleeping position!

The difference goes beyond the elimination of pain. I’ve been practicing yoga for years. For the first time ever, I’ve been able to do more advanced positions like crow and balancing on my arms! The changes I’ve experienced will be practices I carry on for the rest of my life. I can’t imagine not getting adjusted every other week to ensure I maintain the improvements!

Caitlin H.
August 2021

I have been going to a chiropractor since middle school, ever since my grandmother introduced me to hers. However, once I started traveling for work, it became difficult for me to go on a regular basis. Since I have made plans to stay in the Chicago area for a longer period, I decided it was time to start looking for a chiropractor. Especially because I had been dealing with a lot of pain in my neck and it started affecting my everyday lifestyle.
Since day one of seeing Dr. Knecht and his team, my neck pain has decreased drastically! I knew that seeing a chiropractor would help my problems, but I never would have guessed that I would have seen such remarkable progress so quickly! I find myself looking forward to each and every visit because I know it is improving the quality of my life. One of the biggest things that I have learned thus far is the importance of doing my at-home stretches every day and proper body mechanics in regards to how I sit on a chair, the position that I sleep at night, even down to the type of pillow that I use.
I recently went through a bad neck injury while running, but with the amazing help of Dr. Knecht and Donna, I have been able to get the treatment I needed as fast as possible! They all helped me through my fears of getting neck adjustments due to my injury and made sure that I was comfortable at all times. Another HUGE lesson I was taught is that the worst thing that I could have done was not come in! Boy am I glad that I listened!
If I ever came across someone who is trying to decide if they should see a chiropractor, I would tell them to go see one ASAP. There is no sense in suffering through the pain and discomfort of a spine that is out of alignment. Chiropractic care has changed my life, and I would want the same for anyone who is going through something similar like me. I absolutely will be giving my spine the best care there is! One of my worst fears is to have really bad spine problems when I am older, and that’s why I am going to do everything that I can now to help prevent any future problems! Dr. Knecht and his team are one of the best things that has happened to me and I can’t say thank you enough!!!

Tony N.
July 2021

If we’re all being honest here, I came in to see Dr. Knecht because I wanted to experience what I’ve been seeing/watching on Youtube, Facebook, and Tik Tok. All those incredible, relieving sounding cracks and pops and the overall shock and relief from the patients’ faces. But I also woke up one day, I’m barely over 30 and realized that my body shouldn’t feel as worn down as it feels, that hump at the base of my neck didn’t just grow overnight, and maybe someone can help me. Let’s just say I’m glad I made the appointment and my only regret is that I didn’t make it sooner.
It’s amazing how different your body can feel after just the first adjustment. There was an overall sense of relief and looseness throughout my whole body. I have had this nagging, achey, sometimes sharp pain in my right heel for over a year, I’ve attributed it to just long hours working at the hospital and maybe plantar fasciitis… after the first adjustment it’s as if it was never an issue. I still have occasional pain in that heel, but it is no longer a daily thing. I’ve gotten to experience physical therapy for the first time, and it has been a great and helpful experience. I like that I could do the exercises at home and Donna’s equipment recommendations have been great.
I’ve learned that I have weirdly better balance with my eyes closed on my less dominant side and that sit ups aren’t for me. Those physical tests Donna gives can be a doozy and I haven’t moved so much since I was in high school gym class. They are beneficial, moving is beneficial… so THANK YOU for making me move more. All this moving around and adjusting has made me very aware of my posture. I’ve always been a sloucher and now it’s more uncomfortable to slouch than it is to sit upright. I also feel a bit more flexible and loose compared to how stiff and achy I was feeling before. Overall, my body feels so much better compared to how it was feeling just a month ago.
If someone was in a similar situation, I would definitely suggest for them to go ahead and make that appointment. I’ve referred my sister here and she’s seeing benefits as well! I would like to keep up with my spine health and look forward to maintenance visits to keep me in check.
I just want to say THANK YOU for having my back…. I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself 😊

Kat T.
June 2021

I initially started seeing the chiropractor after throwing out my lower back, which kept me from working my job as a barista. Over the past few months, I’ve been regularly going to Knecht Chiropractic. Since going, I have noticed a huge improvement in not only my pain management, but in the strength of my back as well. My shifts at work involve me standing on my feet for 8 hours without a break. I now no longer find myself getting as sore throughout the day.

The biggest thing I’ve learned from regularly seeing a chiropractor, is how beneficial it is to stretch throughout the day. If a person with similar circumstances were considering seeing a chiropractor, I would recommend a place like Knecht Chiropractic. They have a heavy focus on physical therapy, which I really do think that is what made all the difference. I definitely see myself continuing to take care of my spine in the future, as it has already made a huge difference in my life in these past few months.

Gabby M.
May 2021

Toward the end of 2020 I had developed a pinch on my lower back that caused me major discomfort while sleeping, walking, and doing day to day activity. I am normally one of those people that don’t like going to the doctor, so I was very hesitant to go to a chiropractor. After speaking with Dr. Knecht, it was very enlightening to see from a professional’s view the long term effects that you can cause to your body by paying attention or not paying attention to your body.

Speaking to Donna, it was eye opening that she immediately asked all of the hard-hitting questions that triggered my back pain without me even mentioning my symptoms. She asked questions like: Do you slouch over your desk? Do you not take time in between work to stand up and stretch? Do you not sleep with a pillow behind your back/in between your legs? Are you paying attention to your core? That is when I realized that all of my day to day activities are continuously affecting my body and I need to start taking care of it. As I’ve continued going to Dr. K’s office, I have seen a huge difference in how my body feels and how I treat it.

It’s also very interesting seeing all of the different people coming in, varying in age and body size and how some are more flexible than others. Some of us share the same back issues, but everyone is on their different journey based on their own body. I would definitely recommend everyone to go to a chiropractor at the very least to get a better understanding of your own body, as I will continue coming to take care of my spine.

Aldo H.
April 2021

I initially found Dr. Knecht’s practice due to increasing pain in my face, specifically my jaw, neck, and shoulders. I was desperate at this point as I had tried multiple ways to reduce pain, although they helped short-term, nothing stuck. I read the reviews and I was hopeful for the first time in a while that I could be helped. I have some symptoms that are not as common due to my misalignment including clogged ears. Dr. Knecht was the first healer to address this symptom before I even informed him of it. Their knowledge went deeper than I anticipated, and I was relieved to have finally found healers who have dealt with my symptoms before.
I was quite nervous at first as I was desperate for some instant relief due to my symptoms being at their worst when I first became a patient. Fortunately, the relief came quite quickly and brought my symptoms back down to their normal level. While I have been attending my appointments, I feel comfortable to ask any question and never feel rushed. It is inspiring to have healers who truly want to help you. I know that they will keep working with me until I feel better and it is a very safe feeling. It feels like a small family and I have started to look forward to my appointments to see everyone. I believe they will be able to get my body back to normal and it is something I look forward to experiencing through my remaining sessions.
Through their advanced knowledge I have learned how important it is to keep your body aligned. Not only does it reduce pain it also calms the nervous system down which I previously was unaware of. To know that not only does this help physically, but mentally as well makes it an even more powerful practice. I have felt more relief in my physical pain and less flare ups. I feel more stable and balanced overall. I also can feel my body strengthening making daily activities easier to complete.
I have encountered people who are experiencing so much back pain and due to their preconceived notions are not trusting enough to see a chiropractor. I have told them that those biases are false and all I have felt is relief from my appointments. Further, I feel their help sticks so that if I cannot make my appointments for some time, I do not get worse again instead I remain stable. They are doing everything in their power to help you as quickly and efficiently as possible so that when we are stable enough, we only must come back for regular maintenance. It is a trustworthy practice full of only genuine healers and I hope that anyone with biases would come here to help erase those.
I am so happy I found Knecht Chiropractor. I did not realize how important taking care of your spine is and how it affects every part of your body physically and mentally. I have become close with the employees and have come to enjoy my visits. Even after my body is back in its normal alignment, I will keep coming for maintenance visits. We are not able to always sleep perfectly, constantly sit up with a straight spine, or avoid injury, therefore, it is important to keep coming to make sure your spine’s alignment remains intact.

Mira K.
March 2021

As a legally blind person with a desk job, my posture was horrific. My back, shoulder and neck pain were out of control. I tried everything. I was on so many pain pills, I felt like a zombie and I hated it. I threw out the pills and looked for alternative methods. I bought everything off Shark Tank that promised to help with back pain and none of it worked. Acupuncture didn’t work either. Massage is wonderful, but it only soothes the pain for days afterwards. I knew I had to try something else.

I saw an ad on Facebook for Knecht Chiropractic that talked about back pain and how chiropractic care improves your overall general health. I booked my consultation and I’m so glad I did. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

I realized after my first few adjustments that my migraines were less severe and occurred way less often. Dr. B. told me chiropractic helps with that too. Months later, they are few and far between. After a few sessions of physical therapy with Donna, I learned to take more breaks at work to stretch and counterbalance the effects of my posture at the computer.

Seeing Dr. K and Dr. B has changed my life — I cannot emphasize this enough. I am a patient of Knecht Chiropractic for life and would recommend anyone do the same.

Lindsay B.
February 2021

One morning I woke up and everything seemed okay… until I left the bed. I couldn’t move my neck to my left at all and couldn’t sit comfortably without looking like Igor from Young Frankenstein. I had been saying for a while I needed to see another chiropractor since I left high school, but I kept pushing it off. I was initially going to go to the friends and family event in September, but I couldn’t wait any longer to see the doctor because of how bad the pain was.

Since being assessed, I have gone through the works. From the adjustments with Dr. B and occasionally Dr. K, to doing PT with Donna and active therapies with Michael. One thing I have taken out of the time spent here at the chiropractor is how important it is to not sleep on my stomach and the importance of a good bed to help facilitate good sleeping habits. I used to be predominantly a belly sleeper and occasionally would lay on my side, but now I sleep only on my side.

If someone else had a similar circumstance as me, I would recommend them to see a chiropractor immediately. Your spine is the most important structure in your body. Don’t take it for granted. I also plan on coming in to maintain my spine because, I cannot stress this enough, the spine is the most important section of bones in your body. You can’t move without it.

Sam B.
January 2021

After years of ignoring an underlying injury that has caused pain in my neck, back and arm; I finally decided to do something about it when I had to leave work after only a couple of hours because I could no longer stand or bend. I could barely move at all without wincing in pain. After calling around to a few other places, Knecht Chiropractic was the most accommodating to my need for a swift appointment date. In fact, they were able to see me same day for an initial exam.
The level of care and attention that I have received is amazing! Even though there are multiple patients being looked after at the same time, it still feels one-on-one. They are very interested in my continuing progress and are almost constantly asking for my feedback. Especially regarding any new or continuing pain or soreness. During my time here I have been educated on the importance of proper posture in not only the long term, but short term as well. They really do try to give you a full understanding of the negatives and benefits of therapy. I have certainly noticed that my range of motion has improved as well as my overall physical condition. I tend to get more restful and lasting sleep as well as being able to exercise a bit more than before and because of that, I have been able to lose 15lbs with minimal effort.
I have already mentioned to several co-workers and family members that they should not wait to do something about their pain. They should almost definitely make an appointment and get it checked out. The sooner they do that, the sooner they can go back to living their life like normal. Had I known it was this easy to make myself feel better; I would have done it long ago. As a result of how I feel and what I have learned, I will be making my spine more of a priority medically. I can see myself continuing therapy for as long as needed and with the occasional maintenance appointment just to make sure I don’t stray too far from where I should be.
Knecht Chiropractic really has done a phenomenal job of caring for me and making sure that I get back to where I should be.

Nick S.
December 2020

I have been coming to Knecht for since 2004. I had neck and upper back issues, and his therapy corrected the issues. I have been going for maintenance ever since then. The staff are always friendly and helpful. Maintenance keeps me healthy and my mobility is great.

Mark K.

These two doctors are very professional. My Mom is 80 years old. Her lower back got injured and it was very painful. We began to visit Knecht chiropractor in the middle of November, 2019. Now my Mom is almost recovered and the pain is gone. We really appreciate Dr. Knecht and Dr. Brittni . The staffs in this clinic are very nice too. They are very friendly. Overall, these chiropractic clinic is worth to try!

Yuzhen X.

I had a wonderful experience – the doctors and staff are great!

Timothy H.

Comprehensive and knowledgeable

Ann L.

In town for business meetings. Nerve pain down my leg became unbearable. So called office, with no appt., Explained my dilemma. Had me come in immediately, worked me in asap, got an adjustment, leg pain 95% improved. Friendly to out of Towner and the experience was awesome. Thanks to them for seeing on no notice. Great job!!!

David J.

Great experience.

Magde D.

Very effective. My walking improved even though I was not thete for a knee treatment.

Magde D.

I found Dr. Knecht attentive to my situation, engaging with the testing he did, and informative with the luncheon presentation. I look forward to the evaluation meeting next week.

Mary Ellen J.

Dr K and Dr B have greatly improved my quality of life in just a couple of sessions. Both have different technics but equally effective! I’ve suffered from back and hip pain for 30 years, now I’m pain free and feeling great. Thank You!

Frank S.

Very thoroughly done. Expert advice. Warm and caring treatment. Understanding receptionist. I enthusiastically recommend Dr. Knecht to everyone!

Magde D.

Knowledgable staff and fun environment.

Zachery E.

Dr. Knecht is a very knowledgeable and talented healthcare provider. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of an excellent chiropractor.

Lee N.

One of the highlights of every visit is the courteous way Front Desk receives you. Then the way the Doctors treat you. Mega pleased with my improvement. And then the magical hands of Ruby…. must I say that she finds the way to release the knots? Worth every penny and minute of treatment. Pleased much? Absolutely!

Thomas A.

My visits are always positive and great! I haven’t felt this good in awhile. Everyone is wonderful and I am happy to have a great team helping me to better my health and well-being. Thank you!

Stacey H.

Amazing as always. Dr Brittni and Ruby took care me.

Mark K.

Corrected my back problem

David T.

Always friendly and prompt service. They do a great job at listening and responding to my needs.

Elizabeth P.

Dr Knecht and Dr Brittany fixed my frozen shoulder! They changed my life. Highly recommended.

Jill T.

Always good service

Matthew R.

Great job

Juan M.

Always nice receiving an adjustment and massage therapy! Like an instant body correction!

Henry J.

This felt like my most attentive and patient visit to date. Thank you for listening, suggesting and supporting. Thank you!

Nancy H.

Amazing staff. Amazing doctors. After just a few visits I am already feeling better.

Tina R.

felt 100% better

David T.

Everyone there is very kind and the work they do on my back is amazing!!!

Nicholas A.

Exceptional ! Friendly people, efficient doctors, always willing to assist.

Michael M.

Dr. Knecht and his team are amazing. After suffering for 3 months and ineffective treatment with 3 other approaches I started feeling much better in two weeks! I highly recommend them!

David D.

I have been seeing Dr. Knecht for over 10 years. I originally went for lower back pain and neck. Now, I just go for routine maintenance since I have had no problems for a long time. He knows exactly how to treat me and I feel great every time I leave the clinic. I also have massage therapy done after each adjustment which always adds to feeling even better yet. The staff have always been great and helpful.

Robert C.

I’ve been coming to Knecht Chiropractic for years now, and I love the way I get treated both as a person and for my ailments. Very friendly staff!

Oscar D.

It’s always a pleasant experience at Knecht Chiropractic, from the moment I walk in through my adjustments to therapy. ❤️

Cynthia L.

Diagnosed with Herniated disc for almost 2 years and since I have been seen at least 5 Chiropractors / Dr but the but nothing like the treatment I received Knecht Chiropractic. From the first treatment I started to feel better. The people there are very nice . They will ask questions and explain everything beforehand.

Carine B.

Hi and thank you for your wonderful hands!!

Linda V.

Very informative And friendly.

Patrick G.

Excellent customer service

Jose G.

Very genuine and caring. Prompt, efficient, I feel like I am in very good hands.

Shea P.

High quality care, super friendly staff, stellar service!

Rene G.

I received very good service the staff was very polite and I will continue on with my treatments

Virginia R.

Feel comfortable

Flavio B.