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Injuries can continue causing pain and stiffness when they don’t heal properly or when they’re not treated promptly. Going through rehabilitation provides patients with ways to reduce pain, ensure proper healing, and lowers the risk of new injuries. At Knecht Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Andrew Knecht offers rehabilitation for patients in Chicago with acute or chronic pain.

Rehabilitation Q & A

What does rehabilitation include?

Rehabilitation for injuries includes chiropractic adjustments and other types of chiropractic care to help relieve tension and inflammation. Some patients might also benefit from massage therapy, which helps prevent tension from building up in the affected muscles. Dr. Knecht does a thorough evaluation of each patient’s condition and takes medical history and lifestyle into consideration to come up with a plan for rehabilitation.

How does chiropractic rehabilitation help patients with injuries?

Chiropractic rehabilitation involves manually adjusting the affected joints to ensure that they’re in the right alignment. This helps blood, nutrients, and oxygen flow to the area, which promotes the natural healing process. These adjustments also relieve pressure on nerves in the affected area, resulting in pain relief. In some cases, a combination of chiropractic care and therapeutic massage provide highly effective relief from pain caused by injuries. Chiropractic adjustments and massage ease muscle tension, which helps restore a normal range of motion.

When should patients go through rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation works best when it takes place in the days or weeks following an injury. Waiting too long can cause the recovery process to take longer. It also makes it more difficult to work with injured muscles, ligaments, and other parts of the affected joint. However, patients should keep in mind that chiropractic rehabilitation can help with older injuries that still cause pain. Adjustments to the affected joint can help get rid of scar tissue and reduce inflammation.

Why do older injuries still cause pain?

Some older injuries can still hurt if they haven’t healed right. When this happens, scar tissue can form and lead to inflammation for months or even years after the initial injury. In some cases, patients injure the affected area again, causing pain and stiffness to flare up. Secondary injuries in the surrounding area can also occur and cause considerable discomfort.

How long does rehabilitation take?

The length of time that rehabilitation takes varies from one patient to the next based on factors such as how severe injuries are, which part of the body they affect, and whether or not patients have any conditions that might affect the healing process. Dr. Knecht lets each patient know about how long rehabilitation should take.

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