The workday is almost over. You have managed to get through almost everything on your “to-do” list, and then a couple of last-minute emails come through and now the end of the day feels very far away. At this point you have exhausted your surplus of energy; you are on your third coffee of the day and your decision making and processing skills seem defeated. You’ve been exercising your prefrontal cortex for the past several hours and now both you and it want a break. Your prefrontal cortex is the portion of your brain that executes the higher cognitive functions of your day, such as memory, decision making, attention span, and motor control. Without a well-oiled prefrontal cortex, you will find it harder than necessary to keep your accomplishment momentum going. If you do find that you often feel run down or have issues with focusing and lack the drive to complete a project, a chiropractic adjustment at Knecht Chiropractic Clinic might be the solution to finishing your workday strong and alert.

At this point in life you are probably aware that the spine is connected to the brain and that each influences the other; but how does a spinal adjustment relate to brain function? Recent chiropractic research shows that regular spinal adjustments can improve brain function by up to 20%. Specifically, the area most improved by spinal adjustments is the prefrontal cortex. These recent studies are very exciting, especially because the prefrontal cortex plays a vital role in conducting information in and out of the brain. This means, regular spinal adjustments have an impact on this part of the brain, it’s possible that chiropractic can improve a lot of our higher-level functions, which can include things like behavior, decision making, memory, attention, intelligence, pain tolerance, motor control, eye movement, and spatial awareness. Previous studies have shown that spinal adjustments have a positive impact on improving sensory and motor functions when it comes to fall prevention, better joint position in both the upper and lower limbs, improved muscle strength in the lower limb, and better pelvic floor control. With new studies now confirming the positive effects, chiropractic has on the prefrontal cortex specifically; an adjustment can help the complex systems of your brain run faster, especially when it comes to object recognition. Did you know that when you stare at an object, your brain then mentally rotates the object in your mind, so you can understand the object as a whole, and thus allows you to recognize and recall the object for what it is? This is another major function of the prefrontal cortex, conducting information from what you see, and turning it into recognizable information; therefore, making you able to accurately perceive the world around you.

Nowadays, maybe more than ever, it can be hard to focus on the work in front of you and get through an entire week with your motivational drive intact. If you are looking for a holistic, natural way to boost your mental state, then call and schedule yourself a consult at Knecht Chiropractic Clinic in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago right away. Both you and your prefrontal cortex deserve to be running at maximum speed, so call Knecht Chiropractic today. You can reclaim your work confidence through chiropractic adjustments from Knecht and find yourself finishing projects not only on time but maybe even early.

What Our Patients Say

My chiropractic journey began when I was just two years old. There was a time when I would lie down to sleep and immediately start coughing. My mother took me to the doctor and of course was given cough medicine. Then someone said to her "maybe you should try and take her to a chiropractor." Low and behold my windpipe was off track. From then on, we went to the chiropractor for regular adjustments. I have fond memories of going behind the Doctor and placing my fingers on my mother's spine, imitating him. Quite often she'd look up and say, " I thought that was him!" What brought me back is the knowledge and belief in the holistic care that a chiropractor can give you. Our bodies are meant to heal themselves; and with the right support and those who think this as well, like a chiropractor, this can be achieved. With constantly sitting at a computer, looking down and daily tasks of lifting things; I knew it was time to return. My experience has been very positive so far with Dr. Knecht and his wonderful team. So far I've noticed that I have less migraines, and my cycle has drastically improved. In the past I've only ever had adjustments, but their approach in doing adjustment and exercises each visit is definitely putting me on the right track again physically. I also feel driven to think about my daily life in how I move my body and how what I do affects the way I feel. Whenever anyone talks about back or neck pain, I always say you should visit a chiropractor. I speak of my current experience and how it is helping me. I plan on making this a regular thing in my life.

Latoya T.

Before I began treatment with Dr. Knecht’s team, I suffered from various sports injuries that other doctors and physical therapy couldn’t address. Starting with a fall three years ago, I would partially recover from one injury only to have a new injury arise. My body became a game of whack-a-mole—each time I made progress treating one injury or source of pain, a new injury or source of pain arose. And the injuries ranged from head and neck trauma, to back pain and pelvic imbalances, to a torn plantar fascia. From top to bottom, there was always at least one ailment that prevented me from being active. As a lifelong athlete, I’d lost hope that I would ever be myself again. Then I moved to Lakeview and noticed Dr. Knecht’s office. I wondered whether a chiropractor could help me. I decided to try. The difference was clear from my initial consult. Instead of focusing on only one part of my body, the team x-rayed me from C1 through my pelvis and in various positions. Dr. Knecht then met with me privately to review the x-rays, discuss his assessment, and define a treatment plan. I immediately felt hopeful that Dr. Knecht’s team could put me together again. For the first time, a doctor assessed my body holistically! Using my x-rays as a reference point, Dr. Knecht explained how subluxations and issues in some areas of my body were causing issues in other areas. Suddenly, my injuries and pain seemed less random, less like a game of whack-a-mole. My body started to make sense to me. In addition to assessing my body holistically, Dr. Knecht’s team treats me holistically. My treatment includes chiropractic adjustments to my spine and pelvis, traction, physiotherapy, and massage therapy. It also includes stretches and exercises that I do on my own. Within the first month of treatment, my mobility started to improve, and my pain started to subside. As the treatment progresses, we continue to unravel years of compounded damage and I continue to heal. I’m now able to enjoy most of my pre-injury activities and I plan to start running and cycling again soon. I also plan to continue investing in chiropractic care and doing the exercises and stretches that the team prescribed. If you’re struggling with pain or an injury, or something simply doesn’t feel quite right, I highly recommend that you start working with Dr. Knecht’s team as soon as possible. They’ll provide invaluable insight and get you on a solid path to recovery. And, don’t wait to start your treatment. Looking back, I realize that I could have saved myself much pain and avoided additional injuries if I had started working with them sooner.

Marci B.

The initial reason I came to Knecht Chiropractic was due to was severe lower back pain. The back pain was from working out and doing heavy lifting in the gym, as well as not taking care of it over a three-year period. Since going to the chiropractor, I have experienced reduced pain in my lower back, and it has essentially completely subsided. I am now able to start lifting heavier in the gym again. I have also met some pretty cool people at Knecht Chiropractic! Donna, Dylan and Brandi are my favs! Something I’ve learned is that stretching is super important! Donna has been a great help hammering that into my head. I now stretch every single day and that has played a huge part in improving my back issues. I have noticed a huge improvement in the gym and when I sleep as well as a result of the stretching and the adjustments. I am not as sore getting out of bed in the morning now. It used to be horrible trying to get out of bed. If I knew someone struggling with pain, I would tell them to go see a chiropractor, but you have to stick with it. It will be worth it in the end. I will 100% keep up with the health of my spine. When I first entered the practice, I could barely walk or sit down without excruciating pain. I am now pain free and I owe it all to the staff at Knecht!

Matthew O.

After touching down back in Chicago from numerous flights the previous months, I realized that I had an unbearable amount of pain in my neck. I ignored the pain up until I couldn’t move my neck. My range of motion was limited and caused excruciating pain when I did day to day activities such as lying in bed or even picking something off the ground. At that point I knew my pain wasn't going to go away without a professional. I reached out to every Chiropractor in the neighborhood and Knecht Chiropractic was the only chiropractor I heard back from in a timely manner with a flexible schedule. I’ve experienced both adjustments as well as physical therapy. I performed different unfamiliar exercises that are beneficial to more than just my neck. While attending Knecht, I’ve learned that there are 7 areas in my neck, and most of them did not move due to my poor posture and my incorrect sleeping positions. Aside from restoring my range of motion in my neck, I also benefited from tension relief on my lower back that I didn't realize I had. I walk around every day normalizing stress and convincing myself that I am healthy. I don’t take into account that my body is always in a state of fight or flight because that state is normal to me until Dr. Brittni tells me to take a deep breath and all of a sudden my body is relaxed. I’ve noticed posture improvement in myself as well as core strength. Every time I walk out of the clinic, I feel much happier than I did when I walked in. Happiness is a result of not only the pain relief, but the realization that this is the start of a new health journey. If a person with a similar condition were considering seeing a chiropractor, I would tell them to do it and that it is worth it. Based on my own experience, if I hadn't seen one, I wouldn't have known that I was close to having stage 3 arthritis in my neck. I’d be slowly deteriorating my health which could lead to more possible health issues in the future. It is always better to prioritize your health. Check up on yourself even if you think it's something minor. I will continue to take care of my spine even after I am done with my program at Knecht Chiropractor. Now that I have gone through this program, I see myself taking care of my spine in the immediate future by using what I have learned in my experience here and applying it to my everyday health routine. Let’s take care of ourselves now, so we can be stronger for the future.

Nancy W.

What initially brought me to the Knecht Chiropractic were issues I was having with my back. If I didn’t exercise or do yoga, I wasn’t able to sleep through the night without waking up uncomfortable with back pain. I also couldn’t engage my core fully while working out and my hips were constantly tight and stiff. When I came into the office, they had me answer some questions and do x-rays. Dr. Knecht told me that since I had been experiencing the pain for several years now, it was considered a chronic issue and in order to try and fix my spine and neck, I would need treatment and therapy 3x a week for about 3 months, which sounded like a lot at first but now feels like the appropriate amount after almost being done. What I’ve learned about my body through this process is how interconnected everything is. I can feel how the strength of my neck affects my back, and how my back affects my hips and even knees. I do a lot of weightlifting and it’s really shown me how much everything works together, no matter what muscle group you are using. A benefit I’ve noticed is just being able to move through life more comfortably. I can sit straight up on the floor now. I’m not constantly shifting around while working on a computer. I catch myself from hunching over while looking at my phone. I feel stronger, and can move around easier, and am able to more fully engage my core in the gym and while being active. If someone with a similar circumstance was considering seeing a chiropractor, I would definitely recommend it. We only get one body and I think we all should have the opportunity to function at our highest level. I definitely see myself taking care of my spine in the future and I think it’s even more important given this digital era we’re living in and the fact that we are always looking at our phones/screens. And a healthy spine keeps you young! Mentally and physically.

Shane S.

I have enjoyed going to the chiropractor. I remember in high school and college that chiropractic care helped me significantly with several sports injuries, but it had been several years since I had seen a chiropractor. In the last few years, I had noticed that my range of motion with bending over and moving my neck while doing my favorite activities like dancing, had become more limited. During the pandemic, I also became more concerned I was sitting too much and not moving around enough. I was wondering if it might be affecting my spinal health. Then a few months ago, it became noticeable that it was affecting me. I started experiencing pain in my hip, and it was difficult to sit and sleep. After a weekend where the pain significantly increased, I immediately decided I needed to find a chiropractor. I researched chiropractors in the neighborhood and found Knecht Chiropractic and they had good reviews. When I contacted them for an appointment, I was thrilled that they were able to get me in the same day for an assessment. After the assessment, Dr. B thoroughly went over my results and helped me understand the diagnosis behind my problem areas and the treatment that would help improve them. While I thought my hips were my problem area, I learned that I had military neck which is an abnormal curve of the cervical spine that causes you to look like you're “standing at attention.” When I heard that I was worried something was seriously wrong and could not be treated. It certainly explained my neck pain. Dr. B reassured me it could be treated. Over the course of three months, I did an aggressive treatment of adjustments, posture-pump, physical therapy, and deep-tissue massage. Within a few weeks, I started to see the difference. About halfway through the treatment process, I was impressed by the range of motion of my neck with no pain. I couldn't believe it! Deep-tissue massage also made a significant difference. David and I were able to target specific areas of my body and release tension that it has been holding for a long time (probably for years.) My more tense areas have become relaxed, which has helped the rest of my body hold less tension. I noticed less headaches, along with more excitement and flexibility to do stretches (this is also thanks to physical therapy and adjustments.) By the end, I felt and saw a significant improvement in my neck, hips, and spine. I no longer felt limited to do the activities that I love. Through this treatment plan, I really got to know the wonderful staff at Knecht Chiropractic. A massive thank you to Brandi, Donna, Dylan, David, and Dr. B!! They are warm, friendly, knowledgeable, and compassionate people. I also love that we share a few good laughs. I am excited to continue my journey with them. I highly recommend Knecht Chiropractic for all your chiropractic needs!

Chandra P.

Although I’ve lived a very physical life as a musical theatre actor with training in dance, gymnastics, acro yoga, sports acro, roller skating and even pole dancing, I had never been to a chiropractor or even given my spine health much thought. Sure I had plenty of inflammatory flareups over the years, particularly when moving heavy scenery in shows, and even learned what “throwing out my back” was but rather than investigate the problem further, I would just allow some rest, or worse, would even push through the pain for a performance. My flare ups became more frequent and limiting and thankfully during some particularly bad lower back pain, a good friend recommended Dr. Knecht’s office based off their own great experience. I saw on the website they offered x-rays along with treatment plans, and after speaking with the welcoming front desk I knew I’d found the right place to take care of myself. Since coming to Dr. Knecht’s clinic and seeing my spine in x-ray detail, along with receiving very detailed explanations and education as to its current state and how to better care for it, my lower back pain has been alleviated and I have gained such a better awareness of how my daily actions and posture impact my spinal health. Not only that but I have learned that I can actually feel when I am standing in proper alignment. Who knew? Now I can never go without proper stretching and lumbar support again! The entire team at Dr. Knecht’s clinic has been so helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive throughout my journey. The importance of regular spinal care has also been impressed upon me and since I plan on remaining a very active person I will certainly be keeping up with my own spinal health. I’m also ready to share my experience with others that may be having similar problems/issues and will be quick to recommend Dr. Knecht’s Clinic as a fantastic place to improve their spinal health and awareness. Thank you, Dr. Knecht’s team!

James N.

I initially sought out care from Knecht Chiropractic for evaluation and treatment of chronic upper back and neck pain. Being an ER nurse, I am often trying to manage my portable work phone on my neck and shoulder while trying to multitask. And then there is the bending over the computer charting. Needless to say, after years of doing this, I was in significant discomfort. I had never sought out chiropractic care in the past, but when I learned that most of the treatment was covered by insurance, I decided that I had nothing to lose by going in for a consultation. Knecht Chiropractic was very thorough. I learned some neck movement and stretching techniques that I can perform at home or even at work. A device called a posture pump also helped align my neck, and I even bought one to use at home once my initial therapy was completed. The combination of spinal adjustment, exercises, and massage therapy really helped improved my chronic pain. I have even noted that my posture improved after completing the program. I used to slouch all the time. I’m sure that sitting at the computer for hours did not help my posture. I still slouch sometimes, but I am more conscious of it and can then correct my posture. I used to take over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications like Advil or Motrin to help with the pain, but I seldom use it now. Whenever I feel like my neck is getting tight, I use the exercises I was taught to help stretch those muscles. If you are experiencing neck or back pain or poor posture, I highly recommend the health care team here at Knecht Chiropractic. I continue to refer them to friends and family. Although my therapy course has been completed, I still come on a regular basis for a spinal adjustment and active massage therapy. It has truly been a life-changing experience, and I am so thankful that I now have the tools to keep living my best life.

Paul R.

I initially sought out a chiropractor because my shoulders, arms, and neck were bothering me all the time. I was in pain all day long, every day; I had seen multiple doctors- neck doctors, shoulder doctors, general PCPs, and everybody diagnosed me with something different. I never got a straight answer or a simple solution; one shoulder doctor even suggested performing exploratory surgery on both shoulders since he could not detect any obvious problem causing my pain. I finally decided to see a chiropractor instead and it was the best decision I could have made. In my first appointment with Dr. Knecht I was describing my pain and I could not hold back tears because of how much pain my shoulders and arms were in; Dr. K listened and simply stated that he believed I had bicep tendonitis and gave me some exercises to perform daily. After some time of doing these exercises, my pain almost completely vanished and my quality of life improved immensely. In addition to this, every time I walk into Knecht Chiropractic the staff is so wonderfully friendly and I am always greeted with a smile! Dr. K also employs wonderful massage therapists; I can come in and barely be able to move my neck (due to sleeping poorly, no doubt) and the massage therapist will ensure that the very next day after the massage I am back to normal. Something unique that I have learned about my body while seeing Dr. Knecht is that I apparently have minor scoliosis. I have learned that this is what partly accounts for my slouching and some of my shoulder pain, and it’s great to finally have an explanation. In my time going to Knecht Chiropractic, I have noticed several other benefits as well; my posture has improved, my quality of sleep has improved, and my mood has also improved since I am not in constant pain. If there were a person with similar circumstances considering seeing a chiropractor, I would absolutely recommend it- I would especially recommend coming to Knecht Chiropractic. If you’ve been to doctors that have never been able to give you any straight answers, Dr. K and his amazing staff may be able to help! I absolutely see myself being a patient at Knecht Chiropractic for many years into the future and continuing to take care of my spine, my muscles, and my entire body

Samantha S.

I decided to come to Knecht for several reasons. Someone close to me had been a patient here and recommended that I should come at some time. The location is right around the corner from my home. When I called to inquire about coming, the receptionist was extremely helpful and worked with my schedule to get me in for my first consultation. This welcoming introduction to Knecht sold me on coming. Seeing a chiropractor was important to me as I looked at my posture. I was slouched and concerned about how this will impact me over time. As it turned out, after the consultation, there were other concerns that were not discernible to the eye that I had to focus on. Through the adjustments and physical therapy, I have learned how to focus on my posture, my back and myself. I have learned how the regular visits and routine are necessary to release the old muscle memory and build the new memory. To my surprise, the work on my personal goal of posture did not take as long as I thought it would. Each step along the way has been methodical and necessary for my progress. The benefits of coming to Knecht and working on my goal and correcting the unseen issues has changed how I feel physically and emotionally. There is no doubt that everything works as a whole and is connected. I would definitely recommend that someone utilize the expertise of a chiropractor and their physical therapists early on to correct and prevent long term damage. The team at Knecht are wonderful to work with. I find myself excited about coming to my appointments and working with everyone through my treatments. I could not be happier as the entire team at Knecht helps support me with my own personal goals.

Steve I.

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