How to combat sleeping issues without medication.

Do you or anyone you know have trouble sleeping at night? According to, over 164 million Americans (about 68%) struggle with sleeping. Sleep troubles can lead to a lack of concentration, fatigue and other more serious illnesses. It is public knowledge that side effects of sleeping medications include but are not limited to changes in appetite, constipation, and burning or tingling in the hands, feet, arms and legs. Now, how beneficial does this sound? Wouldn’t you rather sleep like a baby without taking medications that could possibly lead to something worse? I know I would!


Rest assured (no pun intended), Chiropractic care can help many sleep issues. By stabilizing the nervous system with chiropractic adjustments/spinal manipulation, we encourage our bodies to operate at optimum and achieve your best night’s sleep.


Chiropractic suggests certain sleeping positions that will help prevent a misalignment/subluxation from occurring and/or worsening. As comfortable as it may be, sleeping on your stomach can be harmful as it compresses the lower back and forces the neck and head into an awkward position.  If a pillow is placed beneath the abdomen, the pelvis is then placed in the right direction.  Though sleeping on one side often eases tension in the back, having one leg elevated higher than the other can adversely affect the hips. Placing a pillow between the legs will help to avoid this and keep the hips aligned. The best sleeping position is simply on your back! If this is a challenge, try placing a pillow under the knees thereby encouraging the body to remain aligned while sleeping.       


Television and other electronics can also contribute to a poor night’s sleep or restlessness. Blue light stimulation activates the parasympathetic nerves responsible for conserving energy and allowing for rest. Generally, a rule of thumb is to turn off electronic devices, or cease from using them, at least 30 minutes prior to sleeping to increase restfulness. 

Dr. Andrew Knecht

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