Chiropractic and Cycling

It’s summertime and the cyclists are out to prove it! Imagine for a moment—your cycling along Lakeshore Drive with the sun shining and the breeze gently blowing through your hair. It’s a beautiful day and everyone is having a good time. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a day like this?


Unfortunately, there are people who find themselves in so much pain they are unable to experience one of life’s simple joys, cycling. When it comes to cycling, Chiropractors see one of two cases: pain causing individuals to cease from these daily activities, or pain caused by the activity itself.


For people unable to cycle because of their current pain, it is recommended they see a Chiropractor and take advantage of the relief chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy provide for overall health and wellness. In Chiropractic, the underlying goal is to get the body functioning at optimum so that the brain is communicating with the rest of the body appropriately. It is surprising to see how many “big” problems become minimal after a few visits to the Chiropractor’s office. 


Although every person is different, there are some common injuries among cyclists: tendinitis (knee injury), sprains and/or fractures of the shoulder and collar bone, muscle soreness, “tennis elbow”, carpal tunnel syndrome and more! With the most common cycling position being hunched over the handlebars, the tightened muscles of the lower body work in opposition to the stretched out back muscles. As a result, spinal support decreases leading to spinal subluxations.


For those experiencing pain from cycling, a chat with the Chiropractor is also recommended to obtain information regarding posture while cycling, physical therapy exercises, and stretches to alleviate pain. A few Chiropractic adjustments can also contribute to improved comfort and prevent the need to shy away from any given activity due to pain.


For more information, schedule a free consultation today! Knecht Chiropractic Clinic has been serving the Lakeview, Boystown and Wrigleyville area for nearly 20 years. Keep in mind, pain shouldn’t dictate your life, you should! Knecht Chiropractic is here for you! 


Dr. Andrew Knecht

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