• Can chiropractic care help patients with peripheral neuropathy?

    by Dr. Andrew Knecht
    on Dec 12th, 2018

A staggering 20 Million Americans suffer each year from Peripheral Neuropathy, a condition traced to a malfunction in the peripheral nerves. This painful malady can be traced back to disorders like diabetes or malnutrition. In fact, 60% of diabetics experience diabetic neuropathy. At Knecht Chiropractic Clinic in Lakeview a different approach is being employed to treat Peripheral Neuropathy. Those suffering from the disorder may find solace here.

Symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy are most commonly described as an onset of numbness and prickling in the feet and hands, which can then spread upward into the legs and arms. Patients also report a stabbing, burning or freezing pain along with a sense of imbalance or dizziness. At the first signs of this condition, physician advice should be sought immediately as it may be a warning sign that another major health disorder exists.

Doctors of Chiropractic enforce techniques that improve the overall health of their patients and in so doing improve any other health ailments that induce Peripheral Neuropathy. It is the belief of some that chiropractic therapy can not only improve the overall health of those diagnosed with Peripheral Neuropathy, but eliminate the condition itself. Through other medical practices patients may find themselves masking the pain and other symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy with medications, with over 50% of Diabetic Neuropathy patients using opioids. At Knecht Chiropractic we aim for the source of the problem.

Chiropractic enforces a full-body approach to healing, bringing all systems into alignment and regulation. Chiropractic care also takes into account the nervous system, which may eliminate the condition itself instead of just the pain and numbness that accompanies it. Rather than viewing one area of pain, chiropractic treats the body as a whole, allowing symptoms of many problems or conditions to be reduced or eliminated at once.

At Knecht Chiropractic, Dr. Andrew Knecht implements the use of multiple techniques and technologies to help those suffering from peripheral neuropathy.  One of the specific technologies that may be benefit those with peripheral neuropathy is spinal decompression.   The benefits of decompression are not solely reserved for Peripheral Neuropathy. This treatment process has been shown to improve the regeneration of compressed disks, allowing irritated nerves to heal and function properly. In fact one study found that a total of 28 days of compression decreased signal intensity on MRI, while 28 days of decompression reversed that.

While chiropractic care may reduce or eliminate the symptoms and problems associated with Peripheral Neuropathy, the condition itself is a warning sign that another major health disorder could exist.  Consult Dr. Knecht, at Knecht Chiropractic in Lakeview, Chicago if you are interested in what natural chiropractic can do for you. 







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